Business Tax Structuring

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Business Tax Planning is most effective when our accountants review your financial position and/or the analysis of your Interim Financial  Accounts for Taxation Planning prior to year end. Equiti Partners will offer proactive advice, ensuring that issues are identified early which enables our team the opportunity to identify year end strategies as well as project future tax liabilities together with the future timing of those taxation payments.


Fully understanding all of the different types of entity structures is complex. Entity types include sole-traders, partnerships, discretionary trusts, unit trusts, companies and self-managed super funds. The type of entity to be set up has a great deal of variables to be considered including reporting criteria, tax rates, tax incentives through the ESIC and R&D programs, asset protection, establishment and annual fees.  We have extensive experience in complex entity structuring and can advise you of the best structure for your circumstances.

Having the right structure can ensure that:

  • Assets are better protected
  • Your average rate of tax is managed
  • Eligibility to tax incentive programs
  • Reduce personal liability risk
  • Use the most cost effective alternative
  • Compliance with legal requirements


There are many different tax rules and commercial considerations to take into account when choosing the best entity and tax structure for your business. For a new business, a tax structure should be set up correctly from the outset to avoid expensive costs such as stamp duty and future unnecessary capital gains tax to rearrange your structures or when you sell your business/asset.

Whatever your situation, we will carry out a complete review of your goals and objectives and advise you on the structure that best suits your circumstances.