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Tax Services for Professionals

Moving from a wage earner toward a new financial or partnership arrangement such as in the legal or medical profession adds a whole new level of complexity to your tax and ongoing obligations.

You will become a PAYG (Pay As You Go) taxpayer and needing to set aside regular funds to cover PAYG instalments up front can be a challenge – this discipline isn’t everyone’s forte, especially if you’ve other financial commitments related to the new business or structure. Robust planning is a highly effective method of minimising unwelcome tax payments resulting from PAYG commitments not planned for.

Equiti offer personalised tax services for:

Personal Tax Services – Structuring for Success

Managing tax efficiently may mean an adjustment of your existing financial circumstances.   Structures for professionals, partnerships and business entities with high income earning potential have a range of options to deliver more efficient tax arrangements.  All it takes is a good plan.

“A well-structured tax planning session upfront will always lead to less stress in the long run. ”  Melanie Power, Partner

If you value tax advice that effectively improves your financial outcome this, one single planning session can also identify which structure is the best fit for your purpose.  During this session we cover:

  • Budgeting for tax commitments
  • Structuring of your situation
  • Your bookkeeping
  • Self Managed Superfunds

Deal directly with a Senior Partner for proactive service

You will deal with a highly experienced tax services partner trained to get to the heart of your tax service requirements.  Schedule an initial complementary meeting to ensure we’re the right fit for you… and you’re the right fit for us.  It’s a partnership, and our long-standing clients tell us that our partners become a valued extension of their business or family.

Contact us today on (08) 9388 3802 or for an initial free tax and accounting consultation.