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Through our newly formed Strategic Partnership with Integro Private Financial Consulting, our clients are now able to have direct access to the one stop advisory practice to provide all your Wealth Management needs.

In response to increasing demand from our clients for assistance in this area, the strategic partnership with Integro has been formed to provide an ongoing financial planning service to further add value to our long term relationships with clients and to help plan and organise their business and financial outcomes.

You may only need to ask Integro one question as to whether your insurance policies adequately cover your Estate Planning needs or it may involve obtaining more detailed financial planning.

The cornerstone of successful financial planning lies in creating a financial plan designed to help you achieve your personal and financial objectives, from buying a home, planning your family’s finances, investing and protecting your assets to funding an enjoyable retirement.

Just as importantly, once established, your financial “life plan” will need to be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it is still capable of helping you reach your goals which is an area Integro excel in.

The Equiti/Integro partnership will have the tools to find the best solution for you.