Asset protection is a financial strategy designed to mitigate risk.  By protecting a well-earned portfolio of assets, whether business or personal and armed with pertinent and timely advice, you will be better positioned to preserve ownership of assets.

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It’s a myth that asset protection is only necessary for the uber-rich. Here’s who can benefit the most.

Legal/medical professionals and individuals in partnerships

You face a greater risk than most, especially if your associates have actioned their own asset protection planning measures.  You may be unwittingly exposed to partnership liabilities by remaining ‘unprotected’.

Corporate board members

You are “quietly” vulnerable …  being unaware that personal assets are at risk due to a company insolvency or other financial pitfalls is more common than you think, even from actions of others at the board table and not your own actions.


First-time investors find that establishing asset protection strategies from the start is more practical and economical than changing documentation after the fact and the deal is done.  The structure and ownership of the entity prior to executing a deal eliminates exposure and will give you greater protection.


Clients will often seek advice before purchasing a new asset – even on weekends.  Understanding the implications of the right structure before putting pen to paper is critical and cost effective ”.  Melanie Power, Partner


SMSF owners

Equiti is always up to date with government’s SMSF rule-tinkering so if you’re thinking of placing investments into your Fund, we can help you navigate the legislative technicalities you need to be aware of. 


One of the most underrated Asset Protection strategies we continually see.


4 steps to asset protection

Asset Protection is in the top 3 of Equiti’s most requested services.  Here’s how we work with you.

Step 1. Initial Consultation

A 1 hour free strategy session with an Equiti partner.  It’s a fact-finding mission to review your family/business structuring and to identify options available to help mitigate or reduce exposure to risk.

Step 2.  Analysis

After a full partner-driven analysis, your options are outlined in an easy-to-understand strategy document.  We outline any new potential structuring options and any potential tax savings we may have identified.  Recommendations are presented at this meeting.

Step 3.  Asset Protection Solution

Once you have decided on our recommendation we present a plan outlining the process plus a snapshot of ‘before’ and ‘after’ scenarios reflecting the benefits of the strategy.

Step 4.  Implementation

You will execute your plan and Equiti will assist in the implementation.


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